Welcome to The Cheesiry, Makers of Artisan Cheese in Kitscoty, AB

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We are located:
Highway 16, Range Road 24, South 1/2 Mile Between Kitscoty & Lloydminster. We are the farm with the 3 silos.

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Old world inspired artisan sheep cheese

At the Cheesiry, we produce some of Alberta's finest raw milk and pateurised sheep's milk cheeses.  We only produce cheese from spring to fall using our own grass based milk from our pasture raised flock of East-Friesian sheep.  Sheep's milk has twice the nutritional value of cow's milk with our pecorino boasting 20% of your daily calcium needs in a 1" cube!  As well you get the benefits of grass based nutrition like higher CLA, balanced omega fats, higher vitamins A&E and higher beta carotene.  We use no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers on our pastures.  

I learned to make cheese while celebrating my 30th year in Italy.  If you've ever had the chance to visit Podere Il Casale near Pienza, you know why I wanted to stay there.  They are a beautiful farm situated atop the Val d'Orcia (a UNESCO Heritage Site).  Down in the valley, you see the field of where where part of The Gladiator was filmed and the valley is full of colour.  THe farm made cheese, olive oil and wine.  I spent my time there making pecorino and fresco never intending to make cheese in real life!

But alas, here we are.  Our product lineup includes Pecorino (Tuscan style which is served younger), Fresco (like cream cheese/chevre), La Bianca (camembert style of cheese).  Feta and Yoghurt are available in the summer.   

Our artisan cheese is true to the Tuscan tastebuds. I instill my knowledge and Italian experience of cheese-making in every wheel of cheese made by hand. Brought from a small farm near Pienza, Italy to our small farm near Kitscoty, Alberta, we continually strive to nuture your body and excite your palate by creating the finest artisan sheep cheese – from soil to soul.

Enjoy our premium cheese with a dollop of honey & a glass of wine, in your favourite lasagne or as an unbaked cheesecake (a la fresco). We inspire to provide an appreciation of nourishing food created in the most wholesome way.

Feed your body. Feed your soul.